Yale IA-320

Yale Sync Alarm is the smart choice to keep your home secured and protected at no extra cost. You have full control over the kit through the Yale Home App and get live notifications of what's happening in your property.
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Yale IA-320

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best smart alarm systems for 2021

Protecting your home when you’re not there is a priority for many of us. And while burglary may only make up 6% of all UK crime, according to the Dec 2021 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), more than a quarter (28%) of Brits are worried about being burgled.

Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Intruder Alarm Family Kit

  • Forget about long-term contracts with the Yale Sync Alarm and enjoy rental friendly security that you can take with you when you move. With easy wirefree installation and continuous app updates, this Yale alarm system is perfect for those looking for a smart alarm system that integrates with other smart tech in their home
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants, you can arm or part arm your home, check if a door or window is open and operate Sync smart plugs using just your voice.
  • The 200m range allows you to protect you shed and garage with one simple wireless system. No need to run wires down the garden, no need for a range extender.
  • Download the Apple Watch app for ultimate convenience – arm, disarm or part arm your home, unlock smart locks and receive geofencing reminders to arm your alarm when you leave home, and to disarm your alarm when you return..power source type: AC.Smart Hub included in purchase

This is the best-scoring smart alarm we tested. It was extremely simple to set up, as the components are pre-paired to the base station, and it was quick to trigger when any of the sensors were activated. We love that it comes with both internal and external sirens and will even work with Philips Hue smart lights, too. 

The instructions are extremely comprehensive and the 200m range of the alarm system means it can be used to protect garages and sheds as well as your home. The alarm system doesn’t include a wifi security camera but you can purchase a number of different Yale cameras that will work with the alarm as optional extras. There’s no external monitoring option with this alarm.


Simplisafe Essentials package

  • Ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors, and start protecting your home in minutes – no tools required.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring and cloud recording with police, fire & medical dispatch starting at 50c/day – No contracts
  • Sound the alarm. Pioneering signal burst technology that is powerful enough to cover homes of every size, with up to 1000 ft. range – no extender needed.
  • Panic Button instantly triggers the alarm and dispatch police fast – with silent panic option to signal for help discreetly.

Of the 126 million homes in America, only 20% have home security. At Simplisafe, we’re changing that. Our goa is simple: to make homes safe for everyone, and not with false security, but with real protection. Our frustration-free DIY home surveillance system bundles have precise sensors to know the difference between a family pet and an unwanted intruder, and are designed with long range sensors for entire home protection. Simplisafe is for homes of all sizes and is built with unprecedented safeguards to keep your home protected against power outages, downed Wi-Fi, cut landlines, and physical attacks from hammers, bats, and more. This easy-to-use wireless system is full of surveillance products small enough to disappear into your home and provide blanket protection. Breathe easy with proper protection at a safe and reasonable price. The 9-piece wireless Security bundle provides 24/7 security with a smash safe keypad that is soft to touch, easy to use during the day and night, and requires no plug (meaning you can place it anywhere), and will alert the police in case of attack. The base station is like your personal security guard: It sends alarm signals to the monitoring center with a built-in cellular connection, 24-hour battery backup, and a 95dB siren. Each entry sensor (4 total) protects your doors and windows and is designed to disappear and blend into the background. The 2 motion sensors are designed for human detection, no pet detection. The simplicity gives you flawless HD video and audio streaming as well as a 120° field of vision day and night. Enjoy effective, contract-free 24/7 professional monitoring, and make sure your home is the safest place on earth.

Abode Smart Security Kit

  • Simple to set up, the siren was quick to trigger when either the window, door or motion sensors were activated on test. It also sends an alert to your smartphone. We love that it works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (via Apple HomeKit) – the only smart alarm currently to do so – meaning you can use the voice assistant as well your smartphone or keyfob to arm and disarm the alarm.

We’ve re-imagined everything around what a home security experience should be and created something that is remarkably simple to setup and easy to use. With this kit, you’ll have everything you need to be on your way to a home security system that is yours for life. Build your system to fit your home by easily adding devices only as needed.

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit

  • A great fit for condos and apartments, this kit includes one base station, one keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector, and one range extender.
  • Put whole-home security at your fingertips with Ring Alarm, a do-it-yourself alarm system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring with Ring Protect Plus for $10/month for 24/7 emergency police, fire and medical response when your Ring Alarm is triggered.
  • Includes a more intuitive keypad with emergency buttons and smaller contact sensors to seamlessly blend into your home.
  • Receive mobile notifications when your system is triggered, change your Alarm modes, and monitor all your Ring devices all through the Ring app.
  • Choose the Ring Alarm kit that fits your needs and add additional components and accessories at any time.

This smart alarm comes with a subscription service to a mobile data connection in case your wifi network goes down, as well as automatically calling three chosen emergency contacts if you do not respond to the alarm. It costs £8 per month or £80 for the year. 

On test, we found the smart alarm was simple to install and quick at alerting us when any of the sensors had been triggered. It works best with Ring video doorbells or wifi security cameras, as you can configure the camera to automatically start recording when sensors are activated, but these are extra to the kit. We’re impressed at how loud and clear the siren is, but most homes will need to buy extra window/door sensors to create a robust security system.

Minut - Noise Monitoring for your vacation rental (airbnb / VRBO), Wireless & Self-installed

    • Sensor for: sound, temperature, motion/PIR, humidity, tamper, mold risk, smoke detector alarm*
    • Management of multiple properties in 1 place: Manage all of your properties in one place. From your Minut Dashboard you have instant insights, searchable events, direct messaging to guests & the ability to sync reservation data.
    • Set-up: Download Minut App, Fully charge and connect with Wi-Fi, Mount on the ceiling with an industrial-strength adhesive
    • 100% Privacy-safe noise monitoring: Camera-free, No recordings, On device analysis/edge processing
    • The home sensor that protects property and privacy

This nifty smart alarm has a motion detector and siren in one device. During testing, we found it was simple to arm and disarm and the motion detection was accurate, with the siren quickly triggering when movement was detected. We love that it also lets you know when other alarms are going off, such as a smoke or CO2 detector. 

For most homes, you’ll need several Minuts throughout your property, which can get expensive. It’s also worth noting that it has to be installed on the ceiling (it only monitors for motion in the 25m squared below), which is fiddly. It also had the quietest alarm of all that we tested and there’s no external monitoring service available.


Things to consider when buying a smart alarm

Sensors – Most smart alarm manufacturers offer a mix of sensors in an alarm kit, so you’ll need to work out the combination you need for your property. Take into account the height the alarm manufacturer recommends motion sensors should be installed at (this can be anywhere between 5ft and 8ft) to ensure any pet’s won’t trigger the sensor.

Keypads and fobs – Some smart alarms feature keypads and fobs that make arming and disarming the alarm easier than via the smartphone app. This may be useful if you have dog walkers, cleaners or others that may let themselves in and out of your home when you’re not there.

Installation – As most are self-installed systems, make sure you can attach the system you buy effectively – normally via sticky pads or screws.

Back-up battery – Some smart alarms include a back-up battery that means it will continue to work even if there’s a power cut.

Compatibility with other devices – If you’ve got other smart home devices, such as lights or plugs, then look for a smart alarm that’s compatible. For example, you can set up a smart light to turn on if a door is opened or get a radio connected to a smart plug to spring to life if a motion sensor detects any movement.

External monitoring service – Some smart alarms come with an optional subscription service that will monitor your home alarm and contact the emergency services if it triggers and you don’t disarm it. Prices range from £8 to £19.99 per month.

How we test

The Good Housekeeping Institute assesses the performance, ease of use and design of each smart alarm system. We test the simplicity and ease of installation and evaluate the accuracy of any motion and open/close sensors. We look at how clear and loud the siren is and whether notifications are sent in a timely fashion.

We also consider how simple the system is to arm and disarm and whether it’s possible to customise which sensors are activated at different times, to see if it’s suitable for use when you’re at home as well as away from the property.